New Adventure

Well, the name of this new adventure is Four Vermont Saplings, after our four amazing children and life on a small maple orchard in Vermont.  My plan is to share the joys and the hardships of life as a family of 5 in a state that is beautiful, yet sleepy.  We’re actually not new to parenting; our youngest is 5.  And my plan is to share all kinds of adventures we’ve had with them, both new and old.  However, my inspiration for starting yet another new journey, this blog, doesn’t relate fully to our children and our life in the Green Mountain State.  It happens to come at a time when I’m at a loss for what I want to do with my “other” job – my 9-5, Monday through Friday “career.”

You see, my husband and I had a plan – get married, have children, work.  And we have managed to do all that and live a comfortable life.  We got married while I was in college, and my longing to be a mother swayed my decision to take a break after two years, take and Associate’s, and finish my Bachelor’s in Education when I was ready.  That time came 7 years after our first child was born.  My degree took me a year to complete, and I managed to land the perfect teaching job in our own town within 6 months of graduating.  We were thrilled!  Our children were finally old enough to all be in school and now I was able to work full-time doing something I loved doing, instead of something that helped pay the bills.  I was very grateful.

After working most of the summer attending conferences and completely revamping the room, the first day came and went.  It was the most exhausting, trying, and amazing first week of school.  The next week at a faculty meeting, however, we were told that our school would be going to multi-age teaching the following year and that teaching positions were going to be cut.  After speaking with my mentor, she confirmed what my gut had already told me – I was last hired, which meant I was first to be cut.

All the planning, all the time, all the energy, all the excitement suddenly disappeared and I was stunned thinking that for the first time ever, I didn’t know what I was going to do.  Yes, there would be other teaching jobs posted elsewhere, but the odds of me getting one in our area right away were very slim.  I had friends who had tried to teach for years and ended up taking other positions because loans were kicking in.

I stand at a crossroads trying to decide what to do and what else I can do with my skill set.  I will try for a teaching job, but what is to be my Plan B?  My planning brain is grasping at straws.

I do like to look for the positives, as there are always good things to feel grateful about.  I appreciate that this will give me a year’s worth of experience, I can make a difference with the 13 learners who are so ready and willing to run with their education, and I am thankful that my salary this year will get us to a place in our financial security that can help me sleep easier at night.

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