Fall is Here

Fall in Vermont is magical. We have seen an influx of out-of-staters and the leaves have just started to turn. The weather is perfect; chilly evenings, crisp mornings, and amazingly perfect temps during the day. Our family has started splitting wood for winter heat, taken some beautiful hikes, and is enjoying the peace fall brings to our chunk of Vermont.  

My mother stopped by for a visit today, and we hiked with my girls to the top of a peak right up the road. The view was breathtaking – miles of mountains with changing leaves looked like a picture from a magazine. My youngest, who is 4, did not want to leave. “I want to hike foh-evah” was what she said after we’d rested at the top for a bit.

The moon tonight is also an incredible site. It’s almost full and so vividly bright. While my son and husband are out for a while, the girls are sleeping and I am thinking I’ll sit outside and soak it all in. Hope you do the same! 


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