Crab Apple Jelly

We decided we’d go a little bit outside our comfort zone and can some crab apple jelly.  I have to say that my husband did the majority of the work while I was busy doing other things with the kids and lesson planning.  However, it came out looking nice and tastes like fall! 

If you’ve ever made jelly before, you know that it all comes down to the straining.  It was comical to watch it get stuck in the cheese cloth and we then had to squish it down through.  All in all, it was pretty easy to make!

My students are fully engaged in the fall projects we’ve planned for them.  We have gone on leaf scavenger hunts, studied the science of leaf rubbings, made stained glass leaves, and are going to be onto pumpkins this week.

My own children have helped us get ready for sugar season, although it’s hard to see that coming down the pike in the grand scheme of things.  Our youngest daughter had a blast lugging pieces of brush to burn and took her chair out of the camper to plunk next to the fire.  Our three-day fire took care of the majority of mess, and we will be able to make room for all the “sugar wood” that will have to be cut.  It’s been a few years since we’ve been able to sugar, but our kids are excitedly talking about what they remember from a few years ago.  Cooking hot dogs in the sap and opening their mouths under the taps are just a couple of the good memories they have – which is a big reason why we do it!  Our small operation doesn’t bring in much in terms of money, but the memories and closeness it brings makes it worthwhile.  Hopefully fall lasts a few weeks longer before the super cold settles to be able to cut more wood and string some lines, although I’m thinking it may take us until March to get everything 100% ready.  Hunting season will interrupt the process!  🙂

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