One of the reasons I love teaching…

I really have had every intention of writing down the hysterically real things my kindergarteners say to me on a daily basis, but there just isn’t always time or paper or a pencil kicking around.  However!  I have jotted down a few of the cutest things they have said to me this week.

1.  I have a student who often times sends home a bag with clothes in it for his mother to, ahem, take care of, if you can read between the lines.  One such day, I reminded him to pack his homework folder, as it was time to go home.  When I asked if he’d like help, since he already had his back pack on with his mittens and hat snuggled to him, he kindly said to me “Mrs. E…it’s best I just find room in my bag today,” with a shy little smile.  I gave him a wink and a thumbs up.  I thought it was very mature of him to want to to this and spare me the unpleasantness of seeing the plastic bag, even though I gladly would have helped him.

2.  The next day, I was eating lunch with a group of girls.  One of them said that she’d like to work for me some day.  I didn’t quite understand her meaning, so she told me she wanted to help in my classroom when she was bigger.  I told her I’d love to have her come back and visit.  She said she wanted to teach in the same school.  It’s heartwarming to hear a student say this because it means they’ve made a connection to not only their teacher, but their school community as well.  With a big smile, I told her what a great teacher she would be someday.  All of a sudden, her face went into a furrow.  I asked her what was wrong.  She looked at me with the straightest face possible and said, “Will you still be alive when I’m big enough to work here?”  And there you have it.  I am now officially an old lady!  I burst into giggles and told her that I was pretty sure I’d still be around.

3.  This next glimpse into my week is not so much silly as it is another “wahoo!”, the teaching is sticking moment.  I have been putting a “clean up” song one during the end of choice time.  Prior to this day, a lot of the students were more interested in listening and dancing to it than cleaning up.  However, I was pleasantly surprised when one particular student, who normally does not like to clean up at all, started singing the words, immediately began to pick up, and bop his head to the beat – no prompting necessary! It hasn’t ceased to amaze me that sometimes we as teachers say the same things many times a day for several weeks, and I honestly think I will say them every day for the rest of the year, until one day – bam! You either hear the students say what you’ve been saying, or just do it without being asked.  That’s why I got into this field – the teaching of self-suficciency is so rewarding.

The more I think back about this week, the more I can write, but it’s getting late.  All I can say is that I have watched these kiddos grow for the past 8 weeks, and I think ahead to June only to get sad.  How can I say goodbye to them and not continue with their journey in the fall?   Plenty of time to think on that in the coming months.

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