Best laid plans…

Well, I had wanted to write daily, but life happened.  Kids were sick, birthdays happened, along with parent conferences, etc.

I will post 10 of the things I am grateful for today:

1.  I’m thankful there will be no strike within our district.

2.  I’m happy and grateful that our youngest had a great time at her family birthday party tonight.  It made me warm and fuzzy to see how thankful she was for her presents and homemade birthday cake made by Gramma.

3.  Even though it didn’t make it into the house, I’m thankful that one of our 11 new chickens felt comfortable enough to lay us an egg!  We’ve had them here less than a day!  It was an unexpected surprise.  (Our Great Dane was so excited to see our kids that he bonked into the one carrying the egg and down it went.)

4.  I’m so grateful for the beautiful weather and time spent outside in the fresh air.

5.  I am relieved and thankful for the Universe’s guidance in enlightening me as to what I want to do.  It’s fulfilling to have a goal to focus on. (More on that later.)

6.  I’m thankful to have had peace at some points in the classroom and for most student engagement throughout the day.

7.  I’m so touched and grateful that my son is having a great year academically, despite his previous struggles.  Third grade has been more difficult in terms of work load, but he is managing it well and has made tremendous gains.  It’s amazing to see your kids overcome obstacles!

8.  Don’t laugh – I’m really, really thankful that it’s a pay week!

9.  On these cold fall nights, I am very thankful for our warm, cozy home.

10.  I’m also grateful that my husband and I have the knowledge, the means, and the love to support and nurture our three awesome kids.

Thanks for reading.  That’s it for tonight!  More on the chickens and new goal later.  I’m beat!

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