Happy Monday!

Well, I have to tell you, I was a little nervous as to how our first day back at school/work would go, but it turned about to be great!  The kids woke up ready to roll, I did NOT have a meeting first thing, which is always nice, and although my students were a little zooey, everyone did amazingly well.  I was relieved and impressed at how one of my spit fires did for her first day back.  I received lots of hugs, she did really great work, and was engaged most of the time.  When she did need to take a break, she thought it through and made good choices.  Things are sticking now that it’s almost December!  Woot woot! I did, however, receive some sad news that one of my students is moving away.  He was such a shy little guy the first 6 weeks of school, but I wish him the best of luck and hope that all he’s learned goes with him and helps him transition at his new school.

After school, I was happy to see that my son had done most of his homework before we got home, which was a nice surprise and less of a battle.  I truly do not believe in homework, especially the amount he gets at age 8.  All of our inservices this year and conferences I have been to so far stress that we should all be able to come home from school/work and decompress.  This helps our brains rest and process all we have learned, and homework actually hinders the amount of knowledge our brains maintain.  Seriously…look it up!  I feel that young children should be able to come home and just be kids!  Eat snacks, play oustide, be creative and go to bed without their brains being overwhelmed and stuffed to the max.  Hoping that this new research comes around and influences some of the older teachers in our district (and everywhere) to not give out so much.  Reading for 30 minutes is definitely something I think should be done.  However, that, vocabulary sheets, math sheets, and spelling/grammar sheets everynight is too much.

It seems that the rut my children were in over the long weekend was better also today.  All three played relatively nicely with each other.  They used their bouncy exercise balls as hourses and made jumps in the living room.  They also helped (a little) with the processing of the deer my father-in-law got, which is one more skill these Vermont children will be able to pick up.  Man, was it tender and delicious for supper tonight!  My older two children inhaled their entire plates!  There was nothing left, which is how I like it.

Before I end for tonight, I am posting my 10 daily gratitudes.

1.  The warmish weather with sun today for the last day of November!

2.  For all of the above, making it a great day!

3.  For time to read and lesson plan after the kids went to bed, to help me feel more prepared for all of tomorrow’s new lessons.

4.  That I was able to come right home after work today.

5.  That my youngest is sleeping over at her aunt’s house, knowing that she’ll be able to sleep in tomorrow (a pet peeve of mine is how my children have to get up so early).

6.  News that if I do have my job at my current school next year, our lesson planning will be super easy because our principal is purchaseing us an entire, well-rounded, all-inclusive curriculum!

7.  That we have heat in our home on a night that is 20 degrees.

8.  That my Christmas shopping is almost done!  Now if only I could have the items wrap themselves.  

9.  A student in my middle child’s class saw me today and said “Happy birthday even though it was a few days ago!”  I thought it was so thoughtful and sweet for a 7 year old, whom I don’t really know, to remember that and say something.  

10.  Our chickens are up to laying 3 eggs per day! 

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