Tree Cutting Weekend!

I feel like I’m slacking with my blogging because I haven’t posted in a while.

Yesterday, we took a beautiful ride out to Ripton, VT to cut down a Christmas tree.  The day was perfect: not too cold, but there was a dusting here and there of snow.  The hike around for searching was easy enough for 5 kids to handle, and the tree we found was perfect.  I’m having issues with pics right now, but will post later.  

My husband and I kept saying all day that even though we’ve lived in Vermont all of our lives, there is still so much untouched beauty within an hour’s drive in any direction.  Being in the woods was very energizing and the kids said we needed to do the same thing next year.  

On our trek, we encountered a beaver dam, sunlight that made the trees look like they had Christmas bulbs already on them, and a spectacular ridge view topped with snow.  

We are supposed to have a week of warmer-than-usual temps, so if you are in the area (or not!), get out there and enjoy nature!

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