Um, seriously? It’s almost been a year!

I am the worst starter-blogger ever.  My last post was from December of last year.  It’s not that I haven’t wanted to post, or haven’t thought about it, it’s that I literally had no spare time to do any journaling at all!

I do, however, remember some of the choices and things going around my head that I was debating about, and can I just say that EVERYTHING that was potentially on the table is coming to light?  Talk about Law of Attraction. 

For starters, I didn’t get cut from my teaching position.  Woot woot!  Three folks retired, so I was not let go.  Whew!  I was also nervous about possibly having another child because of how the new job and family life consumed my every waking minute last year.  Well, to my surprise, things got a little easier from winter to spring in terms of planning and not taking any more on than I needed to.  Behind the scenes work settled a bit; it’s not gone completely (yet), but will be soon and can I just say that going into a second year of teaching is COMPLETELY different for me.  The class is enormous with several difficult students, but the majority is this kind, sweet, funny group thirsting for knowledge and man, are they smart cookies!  

That being said, hubby and I made the leap to add another baby to the family, due to make his entrance in April of 2017.  This pregnancy has been fantastic.  I was very nauseous in the beginning, but thanks to reading posts from, two supplements later, within three days time (yes, ladies – 3!) the nausea was GONE.  I’m still tired and winded like lots of pregnant mamas, but not dealing with the churning has allowed me to really enjoy this pregnancy. And I’m glad because it’s almost half over – what?!

We are still venturing with our small farm.  We did in fact make more crab apple jelly this fall.  We added more chickens to our brood over the summer and my husband had a larger garden than the year before.  I think he’d like to get some goats next, but that will wait till spring as our state got it’s first real snow fall this past weekend!  My son did a double take out the living room window today when he saw the white stuff on the top of the mountain.

So, I’m going to try to get better at posting more frequently, especially as the season changes. I’m going to make myself post at least some of the daily things I’m grateful about as a start to remind myself to get back onto the blog. 

Today, I’m grateful for:

1. The sun coming out after three long days of cold rain

2. The time I spent with my son making decorations for our living room window

3. The time I spent with my girls watching “Matilda” and telling our own bedtime stories

4. The fact that I did not have a messy classroom to clean after being out sick the end of last week

5. Having dinner cooked for us by a family member – pizza!

6. Energy levels are coming back – I actually did not have to lay down and rest today

7. Wood heat on frosty days that warms the whole house

8. A fridge and pantry full of healthy foods to supply our week – just tried Amazon Prime Pantry…super easy and prices weren’t bad

9. Time to blog again

10.  The girls attempting to co-sleep tonight actually worked with the going to bed on time without multiple separation warnings 

Good night!


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