It starts NOW!

Geez, I know I said I’d be better about writing, and technically, 6 months in between posts is better than a year.  However, I know I can do better than this!

SO much has changed since my last posting.  We have had a healthy, beautiful, chill baby boy on St. Patrick’s Day.  He’s amazing and is so loved by his siblings.  We are very blessed!

On the job front, wow – what a blur!  The mantra of this year is “everything happens for a reason.”  I may go into more detail someday when I am feeling ready to share/vent/blow off steam, but the short story is I was on the chopping block again this year, and was cut. This was a political move as well as budgetary.  But like I said, more on this later (perhaps).  After everything I’d been through as an educator the past two years, I had planned on applying for a position that was opening up back at the high school in the same department I had loved working for a few years ago.  I applied, got an interview, and don’t you know – politics happened again and I did not get the position.  I knew that this was part of my path, but was pretty devastated for a couple of days.

With all of the behavior problems schools in our area are seeing, taking away learning for those who want to be in school, home schooling has been swirling in my brain for the past two years.  My husband was not at all on board last year when I mentioned doing it if I were cut.  However, after everything we’ve been through, the not-hiring at the high school was icing on the cake, making us both agree that we are being pushed to make the leap into the grand adventure of home schooling.  We decided that if the kids were all on board, we’d do it. I thought for sure they’d put up a fuss and it wouldn’t happen.  I was so wrong!  Our oldest didn’t bat an eyelash.  Our youngest daughter was excited at the thought of having Mom as her teacher again.  Our middle daughter cried, not because she didn’t want to partake, but because my sweet, gentle, kind S was worried about a friend she’s helped this year, so the friend doesn’t get off track and in trouble.  After a few discussions with us, her grandmother, and teacher, she understands why and how much more freedom and flexibility we are about to have in terms of learning.

As excited as I am, I am still very, very nervous.  I have never not worked to contribute to our income.  I am now charged with a momentous task – educate my own three children – with not a lot of resources at this time.  I know that the past two years as a teacher have really helped shape my ability to navigate lesson planning, craft making, and classroom/home management. That’s why I purchased Oak Meadow’s curriculum for all three of the kids. More on this later, but my next task is to find local groups/resources who are already doing this with their kids to point me in the next direction.

I’ll post again when I can!

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