I Said I Was Serious

I have been trying to finish this post all day…juggling a new baby, three other kids, and all that happens during the summer caught up with me today!  Let’s try again…

I definitely want this blog to really take off and help people while also being my way to share and/or vent about all the things going on in this little piece of the world.  So…I had someone create this blog a logo.  They actually sent two, so I’m not sure which one I’m going to choose just yet.  I am favoring the yellow one.  What are your thoughts?

Teghar 13 juli ericksonville06  v11

Teghar 13 juli ericksonville06  v21

I have been following the “It’s A Lovely Life” blog, and she recommended going through Fiverr.com for a logo designer.  The process was very simple, quick and inexpensive. I’d recommend them if you’re in need of some graphic designing!

The blog is up and running, the logo is designed, now I will be focusing on content and what to write about!  Stay tuned…

Have a great day!


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