Flu Be Gone!

Holy. Moly.

I did not expect our family to be down for the count for SO LONG!  There is definitely a flu epidemic in our area and I have felt like we have been under quarantine here in our piece of Vermont.  It has also been extremely cold; we have not seen temps like this in quite a few winters.  Today, alone, the wind chill makes the temp seem like -40!  No wonder the germs are settling in.

My poor children bore the brunt of the flu this time.  So far, Mom and Dad have been spared and thank goodness because I don’t know how I would have taken care of them if we’d caught it.  I can’t tell you the amount of trips up and down the stairs bringing meds, essential oils, tea and water I have taken in the 8 days the flu has set in.

everyone is finally on the mend.  Even the lingering coughs are leaving.  zIf anyone else out there is looking for helpful hints to combat this beast of a flu, I’ll share what has helped us this time around.

  1. Herbal teas, honey, lemons/lemon juice
  2. Vaporizer, hot or cold steam
  3. Diffusers with essential oils (I used DoTerra’s OnGuard and Breathe)
  4. Vicks VapoRub and BabyRub
  5. Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and Benadryl
  6. Clorox and Lysol

    And when I came down with a cough and thought things were taken a turn, I called my mother and asked her how to make a Hot Toddy…tea, honey, lemon juice, and a shot of whiskey.  Note: I did not serve these to my children! 🙂

Image may contain: drink

Four days of school were missed…ugh!  But, we will start fresh next week.  The best news is that temps will be in 30s and 40s!

Stay well!


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