Giving at Christmastime

I know we’re three weeks post-Christmas, but bear with me.  🙂  My posts are going to go all the way back to the fall at some point, so you have an idea about how we journeyed into home study, but I don’t know how “chronological” I can be.  HAHA

This year is the first time in a long time where I felt we actually had enough time to make our presents (kids’ gifts to immediate family).  There are 12 people in our immediate circle, plus some cousins, and I was grateful to have began the gift-making process in October, believe it or not.

It started with a trip to a local book store, so the kids could pick out books for their cousins, to whom they are very close.  Normally, I just order books from the school book order, but we didn’t have the option to do that this year.  It was fun to pop in and see their faces when I directed them to the children’s section and said, “Go for it!” Surprisingly, they really took their time to find the perfect books.  Each kid had 2 cousins to find books for, so we were there for a little while.  However, I was impressed and touched with the thought behind their choices.

For a 3rd grade cousin, there were illustrated Harry Potter books that made me want to read the whole series again just to look at them all – not that I need an invitation to read them.  Can’t wait for it to happen – the next time will probably be when I read them to the kids!  Check them out on Amazon.

Image result for illustrated harry potter books

Once the cousins were done, the kids began making their salt dough ornaments.  We are in our fourth year of this tradition.  Each year, they expand on what they’ve done in the past.  This year, they decided to dye their dough.  B used blue, S used purple, and A used pink.  They also used paint, googly eyes and glitter, which are more decorations than they’ve ever used, so they came out very detailed and unique to them.  B really thought his out ahead of time and knew what he was going to give each family member.  The girls just made them and then decided.  Every year, it gets more and more fun!  There was only one left over to keep this year, so I’ll have to remember to double the dough recipe.  I just searched for “salt dough recipe” and used one that sounded good.

Big B made other presents out of Popsicle sticks that he kept hidden until it was time to wrap.  They were so thoughtful and well crafted.  He made me a heart, his father a structure from a game they play, his aunt a kayak, and his grandfather a trailer (like the one he was helping to work on with Grampa).

Hopefully next year, we’ll be able to give even more and perhaps even give to the community more as well.  The kids helped pick out some canned items that we donated to the local food shelf, but I would have liked to have done more.  I think they enjoyed choosing their items and bringing it to the collection station; it made them feel good to help their community.  Next year more for sure!


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