Want to Make Your Own Butter?

My fifth grader is learning about Colonial children this year.  One of the things he had to do this week, and all were really fun, hands-on projects, was to make butter by hand.  It was, by far, the easiest cooking recipe we’ve done all year.  He couldn’t wait to do this.  Yesterday, when I told him I had to buy the heavy cream, he was bummed out because he wanted to do it from the moment he found out he could.

So, all you do is wash and dry a Mason jar with its lid and a marble.  Make sure the heavy cream is chilled (obviously) and stick the marble in the freezer for an hour. Pour your desired amount of heavy cream into the Mason jar, add the marble, close the lid tight and shake.  THAT’S. IT.

You shake for about 15 minutes until you can’t hear the marble much anymore. Then, keeping an eye on the consistency, shake for between 15 and 30 minutes more.  You can stop when the cream has a lot of butter chunks in it.  Yes, you will feel like you’re working out your arms, and yes, it’s a great idea to have the whole family chip in on shaking.  The girls couldn’t wait to help and it was nice for B and I to relax our muscles.  Fifteen to 30 minutes is a long time to continually shake something!  We used a smaller Mason jar.  All of a sudden, B looked down and noticed he had a wad of butter in the jar!

The liquid you can pour out and keep because it’s buttermilk!  You can use it to make buttermilk biscuits or pancakes.  Mmmmm!

Pour the butter into a strainer with small holes and rinse the buttermilk off.  Then, put it in a small bowl and mix in a little salt if you want salted butter. Voila!  B’s butter was so yummy on crackers.  Can’t wait to try it on toast in the morning.

S says now we can make our own butter all the time.  Think of the biceps we’ll all have!

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