Peaceful Winter Snow

I used to hate the snow. I still don’t like cold weather but if it’s 20 or 30 degrees with snow, I don’t mind it because we can get out and play, plus the snow is eye candy for the boring, sleepy earth.

I had to pause and take this pic the other day because everything was so still and calm and gorgeous.

I am truly thankful today that we are able to experience all of Mother Nature’s changes where we live. Soon, where all that snow is, hay will be growing, monarch butterflies will flutter here and there and our brook will be bubbling. But for now, it’s tranquil and quiet. The earth is resting and preparing for the labors of spring and beyond.

My goal is to follow nature’s example and balance work and play and rest. The warm weather will be here soon and we will be busy from dawn until dusk. It’s relaxing to read with the kids next to the window where we can see the snow falling.

If the snow keeps falling this winter, that’s fine with me. I secretly think the more snow we get, the nicer the summer weather…I guess for now we all just have to incubate and wait patiently for Springtime beauty to show up next.

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