It happens…

Sometimes, you run out of clean socks. And what can you do if your feet are less than three inches long?

Use mittens of course!

Baby B had his first overnight at his grandparents’ house. When I picked him up, the new pair of socks I had packed kept falling off. So, I improvised. I didn’t want my baby having cold feet for the ride home!

They fit like a glove…😝 I mean “mitten”!

Seriously, though. Baby B did really well for his first night away. It was me who had a hard time. You’d think I’d be ready after almost going a year with getting up with him night after night, but he’s so easy that I haven’t minded.

However, I’ve always been in the camp that it’s important for you to have a break from your kids and for them to have a break from you, especially when you’re around each other day in and day out. Our oldest kids go once or twice a week and they really enjoy it and so do we. It’s important, also, to be able to keep that connection with your partner.

It was such a beautiful winter day that Gramma had him nice and toasty for their special time.

amily around has been a blessing for our family, and for them. We are lucky enough to have both sides of the family about half an hour away or less. The joy our kids have brought the extended family, and the bonds that have been strengthened, is remarkable. Hug your loved ones close as much as you can. My mother says you need 11 hugs a day…give it a try. You’ll feel the power once you start!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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