Gratitude for the Start of a New Journey

Years ago, I decided that I wanted to start blogging about how and what our family chose for homeschooling options from 2017-2019 to be able to help other families who are in the midst of making a momentous decision that has lots of impact on a family unit. This was a very huge change for us and we did not shake up our day-to-day lightly. However, I had dreams of homeschooling our children before enrolling them in a homeschool program. It all began with an Internet search during the winter of 2015. The funny thing was, I wasn’t even searching for ways to start homeschooling; it was a search about families with four children because I was getting the baby bug…again. It’s funny how life takes you down a path you don’t even know you’re on until you’re in the midst of a decision.

This post is to say thanks to Tanya and her family at the 4 Little Fergusons blog for writing about her amazing journey, from family life to homeschooling to selling DoTerra Essential Oils. I’ve relied on her posts to guide my decisions many, many times.

When I was researching what curriculum to use to teach our older kids, I used Tanya’s insight on scheduling to having children help with meal prep. It hadn’t really occurred to me to have the kids choose a meal, prep it and share in the pride of enjoying it. I had been caught up in the “Mom-plans-cooks-cleans” way of life because it was faster and easier than teaching the kids to do those things. But I remember moving out and realizing I didn’t really have any idea on how to do them because my mom had always done the same. Even to this day, our kids will pick out a meal, add ingredients to the shopping list, and help with the cooking of it, and it’s been 4 years!

Our third child enjoying cooking with her teddy bear.

My suggestion is to please do you research before making such a life-altering change. You will be so relieved and happy you did. Ultimately, we decided to chose a secular program for our kids (non-religious) and it worked out well. Please see my post about the Oak Meadow curricula we used for the years we homeschooled.

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