The Power of Music

One of the many reasons I love this Oak Meadow program is how it truly incorporates everything artistic, from arts and crafts to movement and music.  The girls’ grade levels come with recorder lessons.  Big B takes Music at the local school, so he’s covered, but when he realized his program didn’t mean recorder lessons were included, he was bummed.  So thankfully, Santa brought him a recorder in his stocking and now he’ll jump in with his sisters.

Their Mema, Aunts and Uncle all went in on an electric, 88-key keyboard with weighted keys and three months worth of lessons for Christmas, so we are all really excited about that.  Even Baby B loves to sit with A and play!

Music is so moving and helps with focus and attention.  I can’t believe how quickly we, as humans, learn how to move and groove.  Baby B just began to dance when he hears any kind of music.  He and A were playing with his new set of instruments and not only did he want to “play” every one of them, he’d begin swaying and bopping along when his sister played, too.

I was a bit overwhelmed with the idea that I would not only have to teach core subjects, but the arts courses as well.  However, children love to learn and music just fits naturally into our homeschool day.  Sometimes, we just crank the tunes and dance and sing.  Other times, we have an actual lesson of some sort.  Either way you do it, you can’t go wrong. It is the perfect way to learn patience, build confidence, teach discipline, express themselves, and foster creativity.  The best part is, with this subject, there is no digging in of heels!  They’re always wanting to do the music lesson, which is a bonus as well.  I would highly suggest starting with the recorder.  It is an inexpensive instrument and very easy to teach with a beginners manual.  These are the items I am using with the kids and they’ve worked well.  The girls’ recorders were purchased on Amazon for less than $10!

Image result for yamaha recorder

Image result for oak meadow beginner recorder

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It is the best feeling seeing the kids play even when it’s not lesson time.  And they always keep in interesting, like playing music as Spider Sister.  🙂

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