October – Month 2 of Homeschooling

October in Vermont is the best. The temps are cooler, the humidity is gone, the leaves are breathtaking, and campfires are a must.

My very favorite part of homeschooling is the ability to be flexible with learning. We were fortunate enough to be able to take a family trip to Florida during the first October we homeschooled. Not only did we get in some sun and relaxation, we were able to do quite a bit of learning! By far, the favorite moment of “school” during the trip was learning about alligators right at the resort. The kids got to hold a small gator and ask questions. Talk about hands-on learning at its best!

Back in Vermont, the weather stayed mild for quite a while, giving us many opportunities to continue to be outside while being “in” school. Learning how animals survive and take care of themselves during the colder months was a theme, and thus the creation of pinecone bird feeders began. The simple, inexpensive project only takes time, a jar of peanut butter, string, pinecones, and birdseed. The hardest part for the kids was picking out what tree to utilize. Thankfully, they have many to choose from but they all chose trees not well visualized from the living room window…

When thinking about traveling while homeschooling, the sky is literally the limit. You can travel by car, train, plane, boat, whatever and still make it a learning experience. There are so many ways to make travel meaningful, from talking about the different kinds of transportation in other areas to learning about a new culture or the climate of a faraway place. I also urge people to use homeschooling as an excuse to travel. There is just too much out there to learn not to venture, even if you keep the traveling limited to your state or province. Take as many pictures as you can to document the fun and learning had while away!

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