December – Month 4 of Homeschooling

Ah, winter in Vermont. Snow is usually welcomed by residents to get into the Christmas spirit and we had some our first homeschooling year, but not too much to hike in. It was easy on the eyes, and even easier to spot critters in the wild (porcupine up above!) and to find our Christmas tree.

So much crafting, not enough time was my motto that year. This was the time when our kids were old enough to create their own Christmas presents for people without as much guidance from adults. They are also much better at taking care of materials, so choosing to create during some free time can be done more independently at the 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades. The kids chose to paint and make salt dough ornaments to give to our families. Our 5th grader was really into baking, so he chose making maple candy. Simple but thoughtful! I’ll post a recipe at some point.

We were invited to a family friend’s house to make candles, which they still talk about to this day (and still have the candles!). The woman who invited us is a retired special educator and had the patience of a saint. It takes a long time to make a candle – more than I realized and she had things to keep the kids busy in the meantime. She also had her young grandson at the house for the day, so lots of play was happening as well. I’ll create a post about how to make candles at home soon!

The last craft of the year, is one that I still am proud of. For my birthday, I went to my first sip-and-paint with my mother and sister and had a blast painting. This was an easy way, for someone like me who does not connect easily with the arts, to walk away with a mini-masterpiece. Ha! I was so inspired, though, that the next day, I showed the kids how to create the same piece and they came out great! Each put their own spin on the same scene, and they were still individualized enough to be “there own”. I still have 3/4 of these, as my 3rd grader chose to give hers to her grandmother as a present. Online tutorials are readily available on Youtube if you want to do some for the comfort of your own home.

No matter how you choose to enjoy December when you homeschool, it was always my favorite month for creativity and fun. From Santa to snuggles, there is a special winter magic in the air.

Don’t forget to include your pets in the family fun! 😉 And sanitization before and after baking was another lesson I taught, or drilled home, since the flu was rampant at this point (pre-Covid; imagine that!). Our diffuser was always running DoTerra’s OnGuard. Another post on that is available.

Merry Christmas!

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