Making Candles with Kids

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If you read my post about homeschooling activities for December and were curious about candle-making with kids, this post is for you!

Before you begin, my two suggestions are as follows: allow yourself lots of time to get this done and pre-teach certain concepts, such as how NOT to drip all over the kitchen and just because it is mesmerizing, melted wax is hot so do NOT touch it!

Here’s what to do to create great gifts and even greater memories:



*Candle Wicks

*Clean, empty large soup cans or glass jars, like Mason jars



*Hanger or clothespins

*Pot for on the stove

*Metal screws to be used as a weight

*Old crayons or candle dyes to dye the candles

Step 1: Melt your wax. Boil enough hot water to almost fill your pot. Fill your soup can or Mason jar with wax and place it inside the pot. It will slowly start to melt. Stir off and on, adding more wax as needed until you have melted wax about two inches from the top of your container. Don’t forget to add your crayon pieces or candle dye if you want some color to your creation. Once the wax is melted, the water can be left on a low simmer or the burner can be turned off. You are able to just reheat it when you need to add more wax. You can have many pots going with as many colors as you want.

Step 2: Prepare the rest of the supplies. While your wax is melting, prepare your other supplies. Cut your wicks to the length you desire. Tie a metal screw to each end. This will hold your candles down in the wax. Set up a hanger to place the candles on throughout the process (you may want to put a drop cloth or newspaper under it to catch drips).

Step 3: The candle dipping process commences! Dip the wick into the wax, getting as close as possible without getting your hand in the wax. Pull it out again and hold over your container for a few seconds in case there are any drips. Then hang it over your hanger and continue dipping your next wick. Once you have quite a bit of wax built up on the wicks, you can cut the screw off and dip just the candle itself until you’re satisfied with the size you make. Don’t forget to add more wax to the can/jar as needed.

Step 4: Time to clean up! The leftover wax can harden again in the container and be set aside for use another time. Put away any and all supplies.

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