January – Month 5 of Homeschooling

I enjoy January so much more than I used to. This month is one of recuperation from the rush of the holidays, the slide from Halloween to Christmas.

Homeschool events this month involved creating and writing thank-you cards for gifts received for late fall birthdays and Christmas. Using scrapbooking scissors and cardstock, the kids went to town cutting and folding cards of many shapes, styles, and sizes.

My family bought a keyboard for the kids to use, and thus began piano lessons. The keyboard came with a month of free lessons, so we began to get acquainted with those. I found they were at a level too advanced for them, so I ended up finding an inexpensive course on Udemy which ended up being a great first experience for our fifth grader.

See that face? See the trouble he was enjoying getting into? Hence the coin counting taking place during nap time! The girls were learning about money, so they emptied their piggy banks and reviewed all of the coins and their values. In the end, they decided on donating most of what they had in coins to our family bank because we were saving for a pool at that time and they wanted to manifest it quickly (more on that in another post).

January can be a tough month with winter blues, so we got outside as much as we could. We were blessed with lots of snow and decent temperatures that year. The sliding track was used for most of the winter. Every time we would get some snow, we’d go outside and build up the sides. The track started at the highest point on the property, zoomed down the hill, across the driveway and down into the side yard. We only had to take a break when it got super icy toward the end of January/beginning of February.

Our third grader is a horse nut, and 4H’s new year began this month as well. She raked in the knowledge, and the ribbons, which contributed toward her science learning for the year. If you have children interested in learning more about animals and agriculture, I cannot say enough good things about the 4H programs available nowadays.

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