June – Month 10 of Homeschooling

We made it to the home stretch! Due to the flexibility of homeschooling, we were done with everything by the beginning of the month. We celebrated by going swimming at a local pool! June’s temps sprung up quickly, so summer vibes were able to happen right off the bat. Lots to celebrate and be grateful for all the accomplishments of our venture.

June at home meant tractors and hay, outdoor play, snacks and snuggles. Trips to the park when we needed to get out were easy escapes from the mundane (although I was loving the lack of schedules to keep track of). Without the need to plan for three different grade levels and provide childcare to a toddler, we were enjoying the lazy mornings and freedom to do what we wanted. At the end of a homeschool year in Vermont, I had to submit a portfolio on each kid. That meant submitting work samples showing growth at three intervals of the year and providing them with a narrative, as well as reiterating what we did for a curriculum in each subject. It was a lot of work and triple-checking before submitting. I didn’t want to forget anything that may “hold” one of the kids back from passing onto the next grade. Thankfully, Vermont’s homeschool department has a handbook and fairly quick responders to emailed questions.

As always, June gave us one more celebration: our oldest turned 11! We usually have a family party, which is quite large when you take a look at our closest extended family and when you throw some friends in the mix, we easily have 30 people to enjoy the day. Sand cake (not dirt cake – no chocolate for this kid!), water balloons, hide-and-seek in the woods and slip and slides are the way to go for these kind of sunny summer days.

I hope you were able to catch a glimpse of our first year of homeschooling and also get the feel for how flexible and (mostly) easy it is to do it, too! If I can do it with four kiddos (plus some baby-sitting kids in the mix not shown), you can as well.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be creating some more posts on our second year of homeschooling. This happened for just the oldest child. The girls decided they wanted to go back to school for many reasons, which ended up being the best move for us, so I could focus on the reading needs of my big kid. Stay tuned!

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