The Importance of Circle Time

Embedded into the homeschool program by Oak Meadow is one of my favorite parts of the school day: Circle Time. In a traditional school setting, Circle Time is a chance for everyone to greet each other, study the calendar, sing and dance, and settle into the day before taking on academic work.

I personally feel that teaching kids to value in meditation is a skill that should be taught no matter what setting they’re in. This is what our daily circle time looked like when we homeschooled:

*Sit in a circle

*Choose a fun greeting, such as the Turkey greeting or Spider greeting or simple high-five. There are so many fun choices to look into. Explore the many ideas out there and tailor them to time of year or celebrations going on

*Each child took a turn daily choosing a song to sing or poem to act out

*Calendar study, especially important for the younger ones. Days, weeks, months are obvious things they would learn, but there’s actually math patterns and other important skills that can be learned from calendar activities

*Meditation! I would set a timer for 2 minutes in the beginning for us to sit quietly. Before the countdown began, I would light a white calendar in the middle of our circle. As the kids learned how to use the lighter safely, I would let them use it. They’d find a comfortable place in the room to close their eyes and sit quietly. We eventually got up to about 7 minutes before things would get squirrely, but how often are we ever able to just sit and be? And this is a necessary way to relax and get to know yourself a bit more, among other important benefits

*We’d usually close by taking turns sharing a hope, goal or gratitude about something before heading off to do the academic portion of the day

If you’re interested in learning more, check out Oak Meadow’s resource about circle time. You can find it here on Amazon:

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