April – Month 8 of Homeschooling

There isn’t anything more promising and hopeful than actual spring in Vermont. After staying hunkered down all winter, getting some sunshine while not having to wear all the winter gear used for months feels amazing. Even though the temps are still cool (50s or less, usually!), April gets into our bones and gets us moving!

Finally able to see the ground, we can collect natural items for crafts and resupply our bird feeder materials.

Because I have a family of hunters, target practicing for spring turkey season is essential. This little pumpkin below practiced hard for a couple of years, and was able to bag a heavier turkey than her brother her first time out! See that in a separate post.

Little Guy kept up with his siblings, exploring everything he could. If it was an outdoor activity or book-related, he was all in. Siblings help keep him busy and tucker him out!

New addition to the family also happened this month. Meet Princess, the teddy bear hamster. She was the sweetest, snuggliest little thing and lived up to her name. “A” took great care of her and Princess rolled around wherever she could. Sometimes, she’d get underfoot and go for a ride (poor thing!), but seemed to enjoy the high-speed adventure. Pets teach kids to take care of something besides themselves. They teach them respect, perseverance, gratitude, and more. Pets have been one of the best things we have done for our kids to learn empathy for others. To this day, there are more animals on our property than humans, and our kids have chosen to do the hard work, though rewarding work, of taking care of inside and outside pets. More on that later as well.

Spring always means the first horse events of the year. “S” was much more independent this year at doing the majority of the work. Cleaning the horse and tack takes a lot of time and energy. Learning the sequence of events takes dedication and persistence. Showing up takes courage and strength on many levels. Her hard work, and her grandmother’s who takes her and gets her prepared, pays off. Ribbons abound for this girl! And as you can see, the work is also exhausting. It always takes Peanut a few days to recover, but the stories she has are endless and the source of many conversations and writing pieces.

This year, Easter came early. Craft activities surge with the holiday. Eggs are the theme of most of them. Lots you can do with eggs that I didn’t realize till we homeschooled, from crafting to eating! The whole family was involved with the cooking, dying, stuffing, and finding, both indoors and out! Easter always gives us a chance to eat well, dress up, and get outside to enjoy the renewing rays of the sun, despite the temps hovering just over winter ones. Enjoy the promise of new life and new growth during these months, wherever you may be!

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