May – Month 9 of Homeschooling

Warmer temps come to town in May! Thank goodness! We try to get outside as much as possible during May and June. Biking and fishing count as physical education, as well as kayaking! We are blessed with lots of places to do all of the above. Some trips were done one on one, like the biking tour with my oldest. Some we did as a family like a trip to a nearby pond for fishing and kayaking fun. We went with another family who had similar interests and created some memories. Granted, one of those was when one child hooked another in the foot with a fishing hook, but we still talk about it! No one said family excursions were easy…!!!

Getting started with gear for these kinds of trips can be pricey, but we watched the sales going on at Dick’s and were able to land a few kayaks for half price at their opening spring sale. I found two others on Craigslist from a family whose kids were grown and the kayaks were in great shape. These last almost forever, so it’s an investment we thought was worthwhile since our kids would hand them down to siblings and cousins once they’d outgrown them. Something not pictured is that kayaks are used year-round at our house. My older kids will pull the kayak in the snow behind a snowmobile and friends and cousins ask in the winter to come and do this. I guess they created a new winter trend! Maybe I’ll create a post about that! Fishing gear is pricier than I remember it being but again, once set up with everything, the costs are relatively low. And again, checking sale fliers and Facebook marketplace, etc. are great starting points. We did our own worms from the yard, so that eliminates a little bit of cost.

On cooler days, crafts and building are still popular. The turtle sandbox got filled with corn for less mess (initially, anyway). This provided the younger ones with math (sorting) and fine motor (filling the pots or picking up little pieces) lessons, even when the idea was to just play. Ever the sandbox lover, my oldest even chose it as a sit-spot to read! I am shocked as to how tan the kids are, even before summer officially started back then. That’s how much the program (and our drive) pushed us to get outside for learning. Gardening is another way to practice fine motor, gross motor, sorting, planning and science skills!

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