Homeschooling, Year 2 – September

So began year 2 of homeschooling. This year looked very different. I only had one child homeschooling, but opened a home daycare in the meantime. So poor Big B was surrounded by little ones no matter what, but benefitted from being home and enjoyed the laid back approach to his last year of elementary school.

As promised, Oak Meadow gave him many hands-on projects to choose from to show his understanding of a unit or lesson. Below is a sculpture he created. He was learning about ancient cultures and civilizations all year, so this was connected to his history lesson or unit.

Wow, how time does change a yard. Please excuse the debris in the background! That is no longer there and our yard is much tidier in that area. We now have goats and horses that occupy that space. We had just come back from a vacation and weed trimming hadn’t take place yet. Yikes!

Nonetheless, we know how quickly the cool temps roll in in September, so again, outside play and learning happens much more frequently when it’s nice out. Both boys could be found in the sand pit creating roads and structures. Big B was mostly patient with Little B who loved creating and destroying whatever he could get his hands on. I joke that he was born with Godzilla blood, a favorite hero for Little B to this day.

Sand play is one of my favorite ways to teach without actually needing a lesson plan. When children play in the sand, they can become completely absorbed in their imagined mini-worlds. I see this all the time. Big B is now almost 15 and he still turns on his toys’ imaginative motors when playing with his brother. Sandbox play also strengthens finger and hand muscles and improve coordination, which are precursors for handwriting, many sports and self-sufficiency tasks like buttoning clothes and tying shoes. Our sandpit is not fancy. We had a load of sand delivered by Grampa and that literally has lasted over 5 years. Big B will freshen it up with the tractor once a year, pushing it around, scraping out the weeds, etc. which is like gross motor for the tractor and training for himself. Whether you have a turtle box, a box made out of wood, or just a dirt pile in your yard, the creativity you will see emerge from the play that takes place is incredibly rewarding.

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