Books for Big Kids!

I get asked a lot about book resources during our homeschool years and the answer is simple: most of the time, any book your child is interested will do. There are occasions where the book should be “just right” for your child’s reading level. After all, you want them to grow as learners and meeting them where they are for practice makes sense. But there are times where children just want to read – anything that strikes their fancy. Even if they can’t read all the word, exposure to print is critical for their reading development.

In our situation, our oldest has a reading disability, so most books throughout elementary school were above his level. But that didn’t stop me from having a wide variety of books for him to look at and learn from, even if he couldn’t read every word. It’s like putting healthy snacks or veggies on the table at a meal. You know your child may not scarf them down, but they may sample them and expand their palates. Every time someone reads, they “expand their craniums”, as Mrs. Doubtfire wisely stated. Here are some books that my older students (grades 3-6) enjoyed (and continue to enjoy):

Popular MMOs Minecraft books

Diary of a Minecraft [Zombie, Creeper, Etc.]

Any book about Dinosaurs

Any book about Construction

Deadly 7

I Survived! Series

American Girl Series

Any book about Horses, such as Black Beauty and Spirit

Harry Potter, especially the first 3 books

Wish by Barbara O’Connor

Graphic novels like Sisters by Reina Telgemeir

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I would spend hours sifting through books at the local book sales, thrift shops, yard sales and book fairs. There is a cute, inexpensive book shop on Old Orchard Beach in Maine called Barnett Books. If you’re ever in the area, it’s worth checking out. There is a wide variety of books available nicely organized into categories. We also come home with a bagful.

I also love going onto Amazon and eBay to find cheap versions. If there’s anything that bothers me, it’s paying full price for books because the minute you go to resell them, the value drops. It is easy to get new books for less than the cover price. You just have to be willing to put in some extra time.

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