Homeschooling Year 2 – November

Back to the cold, we were, and winter decided it needed a month’s head start to share its snow with us. Atypical cold and atypical snow had us picking and choosing when to go outside and play. Big B was learning about estimating and one project he decided to build a snowman as close to his height as possible. He accomplished the task and was just a bit off! It was a lot of work for little B to supervise. We still had the ability to hike even though the trails were covered. Having the right gear goes a long way. Although it can be tempting to buy cheaper quality outdoor clothing, I have found that by investing a bit more money into quality products, we can stay outside longer and the products wear better. Fewer rips, cracks or leaks are worth it if you want to get the most out of being home and outdoors with your kids. These items have been some of our favorites: hats, mittens, snow pants, coats, and boots.

It was only November, but Christmas anticipation was in full swing when a cousin wanted to use our kids in a photo shoot. I didn’t pick the pictures I’m thinking of, but we got ready by also picking out a bunch of Christmas books that we just left out around the house to read when we had time. The cousin took pics of the kids reading these to little B.

This is the perfect time of year to focus on writing letters to Santa, planning the menu for Thanksgiving, picking activities to give back in your community, such as shoveling someone’s driveway or purchasing needed items for the food shelf. Include your children in these meaningful experiences and you’ll have stories to talk about for years. My children still talk about the time we had some young family members who weren’t going to have their parents around due to an emergency, so we invited them over for Turkey Day. We spent a few days getting ready by cleaning the house, prepping food, decorating and baking. The kids were tired, but they were proud when the holiday came.

We also have two November birthdays in the house, one kiddo and one adult (me!). This year we made it extra special by booking a party at a local gymnastics studio. We don’t usually splurge but A needed something exciting to look forward to. Transitioning back into public school was going okay, but she hadn’t totally found her footing, although she liked being back in school. To get ready, our second born helped bake the cupcakes. She was developing her baking skills and to this day, she really enjoys watching Cake Boss and making desserts.

Heads up about the next pics: Vermont and hunting season go hand-in-hand, so if you get queasy at the sight of dead animals, please click another post!

My boys did well and both Dad and Big B were able to use some tags. This was Big B’s first deer shot by himself. He completed the Hunter’s Safety Course just weeks before this big event and put his knowledge to the test. He spent 5 weeknights for 3 hours at a time with his grandfather learning and studying and practicing how to be a responsible hunter. The Hunter’s Safety Course teaches young hunters to be safe, responsible, and knowledgable about hunting in Vermont (and in general).

We lose our sun for most of the days during November, so these are the basics for survival: sleep, fresh air, and food! The pancakes showcased below were created by Big B as a project from his history lessons. They are made with pumpkin and the recipe came from his Middle Eastern studies. Can’t go wrong with all three of those survival basics! They carry us over till March temps warm us up.

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