Homeschooling Resources

Now, more than ever, parents are switching from the public school education mindset to homeschooling, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. We were fortunate to be able to have homeschooled before the germs hit, so once we were forced to be home, we already had a good schedule to fall back on. Remember, it’s not about packing as much in a 6 hour day as you can. You truly can do what’s necessary (with lots of fun and flexibility) in a 3-4 hour day! The rest of the time can be spent on teaching kids those transferrable skills that are crucial to becoming respectful, well-rounded citizens as adults.

This is an on-going resource page for easy access to what we either used or I have since found to help make the homeschool process easier.

  1. Oak Meadow homeschool curriculum –
  2. 4 Little Fergusons blog – – I list this blog because Tanya provided many posts about homeschooling, from how she scheduled her four kids to what chores her kids were able to do at certain ages.
  3. – this site has lots of recipes for cooking with children and even more that have a range of complexities for cooking without them.
  4. If you live in Vermont, here is the website for the 4H program:
  5. Udemy has a never-ending selection of courses for children and adults in basically anything you can think of. I’ve signed the kids up for music and language lessons this way.
  6. Amazon – This is a go-to for me. From pretty much the best prices around to the most widespread offering of products, Amazon is definitely the first choice for purchases.